Minggu, 14 Februari 2016

Education to Build a Better Future

Education to Build a Better Future
                Education played a big role in human intellegence. All of us has a big advantage compared to other life forms, we humans has the abilities to think. That’s what make us different. Human has been dominating the earth since a long time ago. But, to increase our intellegence in order to make this world a better place we need education.
                If we talk about education the first thought must be school. School played a big role in development of education. School is where people learn something new, something they don’t even know. School used to be a great place for students to develop themselves to grow better in terms of knowledge. In the present day we need to know that education is not only for knowledge but also moral, which is really important.
                Although school is really important, not all of us can afford to get formal education like this. Well to handle this things government around the world already done a few things to help people to achieve a better education.
                Today’s schools is really different than schools in the past. Technology really influenced how today’s education is. For example student used to take notes by pen and notebooks but, today students taking notes by taking picture on their phone or by typing on their laptop.
                Well eventually technology really is helping us to achieve a better educational content. But we need to realize that technology is not the only way. Because technology that is so advanced can lead student to horrible things, such as cheating by looking on the phone, browsing while taking a test. That’s why technology has a down side on the development of education.

                That being said we need to be selective on what kind of technology is allowed in order to increase the quality of humans education in the future. Once again I reminded that education is a huge things that influence human life which is really important, in order to sustain humans life in the future.