Sabtu, 24 Oktober 2015

Jawa Timur Park 2

Jawa Timur Park 2

Jawa Timur Park 2
           One of the largest and most complete animals collections from all over the world Batu secret zoo is the must-visit list when you are in Batu.

           Located inside the Jawa Timur Park 2, not only that you can enjoy the nature’s beauty creations, but also can learn more about the animals including dinosaurs in the zoo museums.

           Here you can see different concepts about the zoo in Batu by combining Arts, Tech and Science especially in animals.

There's alot of things you can find in the theme park

           This one is an animal museum there's alot of animal skeletons and replicas in there like fishes, mammals, birds, etc. In this beautifull thematic museum, you can also find a food arcade in the middle of the museum. Near the exit door you can buy souvenirs such as animals miniatures for your lovely family or friends, such as penguins miniatures, monkey miniatures, tiger miniatures and many more.

Pohon Inn Hotel
           Next is the Pohon Inn hotel its not an ordinary hotel because is shaped like a tree. Pohon Inn Hotel is an ideal spot from which to discover Malang. From here, guests can enjoy easy access to all that the lively city has to offer. For those of you who want to venture out, Batu Night Spectacular (BNS), Sunday Market Batu, Pasar Batu Market are just some of the attractions available to visitors.

Pohon Inn restaurant
           Also there’s alot of restaurants everywhere but, this one i’ve been there it’s called pohon inn restaurant it’s actually not a public restaurant but it’s the hotel restaurant it’s also adopting the tree concept.

           Inside the zoo there’s bunch of animals cages you can find. This one i took from my phone. And inside you can also found some vehicle playground like rollercoaster, giant wheel  etc. 


Jumat, 25 September 2015


Saturday, 19th September, 2015

Gamarvani Stage

                Gamarvani is an annual event that held by SMAN 3 Bandung. Me and my old friend went there. My mother drove the car. We went for gamarvani at around 12 pm. We were stuck in the traffic jam and it was very hot at that time. We arrived there at 01.30 pm, it was pretty crowded and the chairs was taken by other people but, there was a couple of empty chairs so we ran to take that seat. At 02.00 pm we watched KV3, which is a vocal group from SMAN 3 Bandung, I was proud that the vocal group did a very good job.

                Around 03.20 pm we watched Sasadana and then Musik Klasik 3. Both are a very fantastic band they play very nice, we like their performance because we enjoyed jazz music. After that we were looking for something to eat, we were very hungry, we dicided to have lunch in a food stall in front of the festival because, food in the festival is pretty expensive.

                After having lunch, we went back to the festival, to watch Tiloe’s Theater. After that we took a magrib break about 05.30 pm until 06.10, and then we go straight to join the crowd for Adera, whick is top guest star. It was very fun to actually gather with old friends and enjoy the time. After the show we took a little break, and enjoy the night.

                The next show is HiVi which also a top guest star, they’re awesome i like it a lot, but suddenly my phone was ringing, and i have to get out from the crowd to check my phone. It was my mom calling, se said she’s already in the parking lot. I was dissapointed that i had to go back home, when i check my watch it’s 09.00 pm, i was like “wow i really need to go”. Then i ran to the car, luckly my mom didn’t even mad at me.

                Inside the car i was very tired, and fall asleep, when i woke up i already arrived. It’s about 10.00 pm. I’m very happy to actually attend that festival because it was very fun to gather with old friends and enjoy the music. That is my experience in the Gamarvani festival.


Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2015


Bugy : Hi Ircham, how are you doing ?
Ircham : I'm doing great, how about you?
Bugy : I'm fine, wait a sec ...
Ircham : Do you notice something different from me, don't you?
Bugy : Is that the latest model of timberland shoes?
Ircham : Yes, it is.
Bugy : Wow, that's freakin' cool dude.
Ircham : Thanks dude, can i ask you something?
Bugy : Sure.
Ircham : Do you cut your hair off?
Bugy : Yes.
Ircham : I just can't believe that you're bold now, but it's cool though.
Bugy : That's very nice of you to say that.

Minggu, 16 Agustus 2015

My New Friend

My New Friend

Hi!!, it's me again, now i will introduce to you guys my new friend he is my classmate. His name is Varyl Hasbi, he is a very friendly guy and funny too. He live in Terusan Jakarta Utara street, Sulaksana Makmur Timur no-20.
He really likes airplanes, he wants to be a pilot. He was born in Pontianak, 1 October 2000, now he is 15 years old. He also likes playing guitar and video games just like me. His telephone number is  081312483388. His elementary school is in SDN Banjarsari, and his junior highschool is in SMPN 2 Bandung. But now we are studying together in SMAN 3 Bandung. 

Selasa, 04 Agustus 2015


                Hello!, my name is Muhammad Ircham Gustriawan. I was born in Cimahi, 14 August 1999. I’m 15 years old now. I live in complex Nusa Hijau B-31,Cimahi. I have a sister her name is Luqyani Trilandini. My hobbys are watching movie, and playing video games, but not too often otherwise my mom will be mad at me. My favorite foods are nasi goreng, omelette, burger etc. My elementary school is in Cimahi, and my junior highschool also in Cimahi, but now i’m studying in Bandung which is pretty far away from my home.

                Every weekend me and my family usually go somewhere, to restaurant, movie theatre, swimming pool, etc. But sometimes we just stay home, and watching tv together.