Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2015


Bugy : Hi Ircham, how are you doing ?
Ircham : I'm doing great, how about you?
Bugy : I'm fine, wait a sec ...
Ircham : Do you notice something different from me, don't you?
Bugy : Is that the latest model of timberland shoes?
Ircham : Yes, it is.
Bugy : Wow, that's freakin' cool dude.
Ircham : Thanks dude, can i ask you something?
Bugy : Sure.
Ircham : Do you cut your hair off?
Bugy : Yes.
Ircham : I just can't believe that you're bold now, but it's cool though.
Bugy : That's very nice of you to say that.

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