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Jawa Timur Park 2

Jawa Timur Park 2

Jawa Timur Park 2
           One of the largest and most complete animals collections from all over the world Batu secret zoo is the must-visit list when you are in Batu.

           Located inside the Jawa Timur Park 2, not only that you can enjoy the nature’s beauty creations, but also can learn more about the animals including dinosaurs in the zoo museums.

           Here you can see different concepts about the zoo in Batu by combining Arts, Tech and Science especially in animals.

There's alot of things you can find in the theme park

           This one is an animal museum there's alot of animal skeletons and replicas in there like fishes, mammals, birds, etc. In this beautifull thematic museum, you can also find a food arcade in the middle of the museum. Near the exit door you can buy souvenirs such as animals miniatures for your lovely family or friends, such as penguins miniatures, monkey miniatures, tiger miniatures and many more.

Pohon Inn Hotel
           Next is the Pohon Inn hotel its not an ordinary hotel because is shaped like a tree. Pohon Inn Hotel is an ideal spot from which to discover Malang. From here, guests can enjoy easy access to all that the lively city has to offer. For those of you who want to venture out, Batu Night Spectacular (BNS), Sunday Market Batu, Pasar Batu Market are just some of the attractions available to visitors.

Pohon Inn restaurant
           Also there’s alot of restaurants everywhere but, this one i’ve been there it’s called pohon inn restaurant it’s actually not a public restaurant but it’s the hotel restaurant it’s also adopting the tree concept.

           Inside the zoo there’s bunch of animals cages you can find. This one i took from my phone. And inside you can also found some vehicle playground like rollercoaster, giant wheel  etc. 


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