Minggu, 17 Januari 2016


My Holiday

               So, on my holiday last year I did some activities that’s pretty boring in my opinion. Like staying home for a long time, watching TV for hours, and other activities that pretty boring. But I enjoyed it. Because I could do anything without worried about school. So I spent most of the time by playing video games on my laptop. Of course not an offline games. I played a lot of video games with my old friends. But it also makes me pretty tired so I took breaks between. And do other things.
                Besides playing video games, I watched some good movies, streaming on my laptop. And explore some music too. Sometimes my eyes hurt when I staring at the monitor for so long. And decided to take a break. Like taking shower, praying, and eating. Sometime I do make my own food, but it’s not very good. Besides all the thing I do in my home, I’m sometimes asked by my mother to go bought something. And I should do that otherwise my mom wouldn’t let me playing games anymore.
                On 31st of December my family and I visited my grandmother’s house in Sumedang.we left for it at about 10am. And we arrived at 1pm. There, I met my grandmother and my grandfather. Also my cousins. We decided to bought a lot of fireworks. After that we waited untill 12am, to start the fireworks. It was a huge fireworks and explode very bright. That’s how we celebrate the new years. After all that, we left at 7 in the morning. And arrived to home at about 10 in the morning. After all. It’s a pretty fun holiday, although we’re not going somewhere far, I enjoyed it.

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